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Liquid Wraps

Liquid Wrap is the term used for Peelable Automotive paints such a  Dip, ProLine, or AutoFlex. These coatings are applied to the vehicles surface utilizing professional grade HVLP spray guns after the vehicle has been masked off in much the same way as a traditional automotive paint job. 

The advantage of a Liquid Wrap is that it allows you to try our many different colors without the long term commitment and price tag of traditional paint. When you want to go back to the stock color, the wrap can be safely removed from the vehicle with no harm to the factory finish. Also, unlike vinyl, no adhesives are used. 

While the traditional finish of these wraps is a matte finish, we also have satin and gloss options available. AutoFlex even gives you the ability to get a clear coat like gloss finish that can be polished, waxed, and ceramic coated while still being fully removable. 

High End Detailing

More than just your everyday "Wash & Wax," Undercover Coatings offers intensive deep cleaning interior services and multi-stage paint correction. Our goal is to give you a vehicle that you can drive Clean & Protected for months, not weeks. 

Our interior packages range from basic to advanced with options like steam cleaning, carpet extraction, leather rejuvenation and smoke smell removal. The interior of your car is what you experience most. Our goal is to help you bring it to "like new" status, and provide you with protection options that will keep it that way longer. 

Our exterior packages are designed to address the contamination, swirls, and scratches that inevitably accumulate on your vehicles paint surfaces. We offer full decon packages that remove fallout and iron deposits, clay bar treatments to remove embedded contaminants and overspray, water spot removal, paint correction and trim restoration. Once restored, we offer a variety of sealant/wax combos and multiple ceramic and nano coatings. These coatings can protect your vehicle for years to come!


Custom Hydrographics

Hydrographics, which is also commonly known as water transfer printing or hydro dipping, is a method of applying printed patterns or designs onto 3D objects. Common patterns include carbon fiber, skulls, flames, wood grains, brushed aluminum, stone patterns and camo. These patterns can be printed to a wide range of materials such as metals, plastics, etc.


Custom Painting

From Harley baggers to tumblers, skatedecks, or custom roof designs like the one pictured, we can do it all! Flakes, pearls, chameleons, candy, lowrider designs, etc.


Let us know about your project ideas!

Windshield Protection Films

We offer installation of ClearPlex and ExoShield windshielf protection films. Both are optically-clear films specifically designed to absorb the impact of standard road hazards. They significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, pitting and bullseyes. These multi-layered films adheres to the windshield, but can be removed at the end of their useful life leaving the glass in pristine condition.

These transparent films applied on the exterior surface of a windshield, just like automotive tint. They increase a windshield's impact resistance and block harmful UV radiation. They are a great way to guard against the hassle of frequent windshield replacement associated with track days, and are a great choice for vehicles with expensive or hard to find windshields. 

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